What is the Average Cost of a Color Service at a Salon in Denver, Colorado?

Are you looking for a new hair color in Denver, Colorado? The cost of coloring services at salons in the area can vary depending on the individual's needs, the amount of hair, and any special characteristics. Color correction services usually require a consultation and are charged by the hour. Prices listed below are starting prices based on the average time spent on each service. If you're looking for a look that requires sheets or balayage with a root color to cover greys, as well as a style or cut, the total cost of the service will reflect an individual service charge. This is because it takes longer to separate the hair into thin locks so that they blend perfectly with the natural color of the hair, like a baby's hair after a day in the sun. So, what is the average cost of a color service at a salon in Denver, Colorado? It depends on several factors, including the type of color service you're looking for and how much hair you have.

Generally speaking, basic color services start at around $50 and can go up to $150 or more for more complex services. Color correction services usually start at around $100 per hour. It's important to note that these prices are just estimates and may vary from salon to salon. It's always best to call ahead and ask about pricing before making an appointment.

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